5 rules to adhere to create innovative packaging designs

The festive season is knocking the doors and marketers are not leaving any stone unturned to sell their products thereby, multiplying profits. Now the question is what makes people buy a particular product leaving others on the shelves. Well, there are many deciding factors - brand, product features and product packaging.

Have you ever noticed the buying behaviour of a consumer while he/she is hopping? They tend to attract towards the products that have an extraordinary packaging, that appeal to the consumer’s senses and that they want to have in their hands to get the look & feel.

Let’s have a look at the key factors in packaging that turn a normal product an exceptional one.

1. Catchy graphics in a packaging design

Use of catchy graphics on a packaging design instantly grabs one’s attention. They make a connect with the consumers and thus compel them to have on their shopping carts.
These graphics could be anything that is well-connected to the brand. So, from now, make it a point to use attractive images/graphics on the package design.

2. Know the brand

Industry experts know how peculiar is it to know the true essence of a brand in order to design a perfect product package. The package should & must reflect the identity of the brand.
To ensure this, it is essential to understand the feel of the brand- which colours represent it, what kind of persona it creates in a consumer’s mind, how consumers perceive the brand etc.

3.Colour- creative package designs

Interesting colour schemes give an identity to a package. For instance, there are times when consumers don’t remember the brand but they identify it with the colours of the package- that blue pack tea, the ice cream with strawberry colour package and the list continues.

4. Inspired by an idea

Creative packaging should reflect some idea & this idea must be in connection with the product. Let’s take an instance of the package design of ‘Kinder joy candy’ for children. It is very popular among children, more because of its toy-like package rather the taste of the candy.

5. Experiment as much as you can

Experiments enhance experiences. And a great experience leads to more selling of a product. So, the big idea is to experiment with a packaging design that is audacious as well as real. Going with this strategy opens doors to the minds of the consumers and create impressions of a brand that is long-lasting.

Studies reveal that approximately 60-70% of the purchase decisions are being made at the stores itself and therefore, packaging has a major role to play. The more attractive is the packaging, the more chances are to being it picked. But ultimately, it’s the quality that adds value to the brand.