Large format prints

Branding needs to be visible and there is no other substitute for large format prints collateral to bring that visibility to a brand. As we all know, out of sight is out of mind. Large format printing provides an opportunity to bring a brand or product to the sight of the target customers. What is

UV Printing

Reap Profits with UV Printing

People who don’t belong to the world of printing often find it a boring job, but the ones who swear by the printing industry know how artistic the jobs are. Printing is basically an art form; the only difference is you have to do it in volumes with the support of equipment & latest technology.


In printing industry colour is the real game-changer. A simple design can overshadow a creative masterpiece if the colours used in it are vibrant & appealing. In fact, designers devote their most of the time to decide about the perfect colour that instantly enhances the look & feel of a creative. It draws more significance

Doing business & making profits out of it are not the same but strongly interconnected points. In this competitive market where everyone is equipped with or striving to be equipped with cutting-edge technology, the only difference can be made with TIME. Printing industry works on strict deadlines. One delayed delivery and probabilities are you’ll lose


Paper is the ‘Pepper’ of Printing-Curry!

Though brands are going digital for their branding & marketing needs, the role & impact of  marketing-collateral-printed-on-papers can’t be ignored. Holding a unique & high-quality brochure, pamphlet or even a visiting card in hands provide a different sense of connection with the brand. And that’s why we often term these printed materials as leave-behind as

offset & digital

With technological advancements in printing industry, we have got a variety to choose from but choosing the right printing method for a job demands some knowledge of the printing techniques. Marketers often get confused between Offset & Digital printing as both are in vogue. Many a times, it is just a matter of choice and


Turning a potential customer into loyal consumer is the biggest challenge for any marketer. To achieve this single goal, marketers invest huge sums of money on advertising, sales promotion and other marketing strategies. However, often ignore the one unique technique that can bring change among the mindset of the consumers regarding a particular brand. This

printing machine

Technological advancements has brought a lot of changes and printing industry is no exception. Earlier, printing was done using wooden typesets and was quiet a tiresome & complicated process, but the advent of latest technology has made it easier like never before. 3D printing, UV printers & many other techniques have completely changed the way

UV Printing: technology of tomorrow

The printing industry is on a verge of change. With the advent of latest technologies, tasks are being done more easily with less manual efforts. One such technology is the UV LED PRINTERS that are technically advanced and require less time to print on a wide variety of materials including PVC, PET, ABS, acrylic, wood,

The festive season is knocking the doors and marketers are not leaving any stone unturned to sell their products thereby, multiplying profits. Now the question is what makes people buy a particular product leaving others on the shelves. Well, there are many deciding factors – brand, product features and product packaging. Have you ever noticed

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