In printing industry colour is the real game-changer. A simple design can overshadow a creative masterpiece if the colours used in it are vibrant & appealing. In fact, designers devote their most of the time to decide about the perfect colour that instantly enhances the look & feel of a creative. It draws more significance

offset & digital

With technological advancements in printing industry, we have got a variety to choose from but choosing the right printing method for a job demands some knowledge of the printing techniques. Marketers often get confused between Offset & Digital printing as both are in vogue. Many a times, it is just a matter of choice and

printing machine

Technological advancements has brought a lot of changes and printing industry is no exception. Earlier, printing was done using wooden typesets and was quiet a tiresome & complicated process, but the advent of latest technology has made it easier like never before. 3D printing, UV printers & many other techniques have completely changed the way