All you need to know about color printing

Common errors while doing a print job

The printing industry isn’t a very lucrative one when compared with other sectors. There is a boom right now in the market and dealing with a print job is not what everyone desires for. The printing industry has its own importance in our country. Along with the packaging one, it is growing at a pace

All you need to know about color printing

The whole process of color printing goes back to 1977. But we cannot forget the technological advancements made in earlier times. The concept of printing is dated back to 1900 when Kolbus started producing bindery machines. This machine became very popular and remained in production for 55 years. Then came the era of advertising agencies.

3d printing

The world of 3D Printing is quite huge. The credit for all this goes to the advancement of technology that is going on for years. We have come a long way from using a simple printing press to the age of 3D printers now. But what really is 3D Printing? What happens in its process?

What are the benefits of an LED UV Printing Press

The growth of Digital has been insane but there is LED UV Printing for the Printing industry to consider. Digital has a lot going for it in the business sector. Everyone is going gaga over the success it has achieved over the years. But that doesn’t mean the Printing Industry is dead. There are still


The most amazing thing about being in the printing industry is to be a part of a large workspace. It includes working with different a set of individuals who have particular skills required for the job. And most importantly, learn all the intricate aspects of the job. This industry goes back a long time and

Digital and Offset Printing

Offset Printing is not something new in the age of printing. It is an integral part of the whole printing industry. There are two ways to look at this industry. If you are a printing agency, then you have regular use of this type of printing. It is extensively used in your place and a

Variable data printing services

Get on with Variable data printing services

Variable Data Printing is a new technique that has added a new dimension in printing. If we look at the history of printing, then you will see that it is very generic. The very first use of printing was in 15th century when there was mass production of books so that European people can become educated.

uv coating

All You need to know about UV Coating

Printing Industry has evolved a lot over time and the proof is in the form of UV Coating. When printers were first used, no one would have thought that they would get so evolved that even 3D Printing will be possible by it. No matter what kind of print you want, you will get the

Paper Recycling

Facts about Paper Recycling

Printing Services industry is on the rise. There are facts to prove this. It is poised to touch the magical figure of 25 million tonnes in 2019-2020 which is just phenomenal. It is an increase of over 10 percent from 2018-2019. India has now emerged as the fastest growing market in the consumption of paper.

3D Metal Printing

With time, everything has evolved and the same can be said for Printing Services. Things that were not imaginable before have turned into reality. Technology is the main driving force behind it. In the past decade, there has been tremendous rise in the use of printers. Every brand wants to make a mark in the

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