UV Printing: technology of tomorrow

The printing industry is on a verge of change. With the advent of latest technologies, tasks are being done more easily with less manual efforts. One such technology is the UV LED PRINTERS that are technically advanced and require less time to print on a wide variety of materials including PVC, PET, ABS, acrylic, wood, glass, boards, metals, soft fabrics and leathers.

Industry leaders have declared UV printing or Ultrarviolet printing as the future of commercial printing. It offers flexibility, quality print finish as well as durability. Moreover, it is environment friendly. Unlike conventional printing where harmful solvents are being released into air, UV printing involves printing with UV ink.

Another advantage of UV printing is that it is less time consuming than conventional printing. The UV ink that is used in this printing dries through a photo-chemical process and is almost instantaneous, ensuring a faster dry time. So you can perform quicker press checks and move on to a faster binding and finishing.

It’s a basic law that things that appeal visually are preferred over others. UV printers provide great finishing with high-gloss levels, vibrant colours and all in a single pass without re-runs. The UV printed materials are more durable than their conventional printed counterparts. These are not only resistant to scratches, wear and tear, but also less vulnerable to sun exposures.

Cost saving is something that interests both- the printing press and the client. And UV printing cuts the cost to a great extent. They use little power, power-up quickly and generate a small amount of heat. In addition, it is versatile too. You can print on any kind of materials and that too in lesser time with quality finish. Further, special print jobs also become convenient with eco-friendly UV- printers. So make your printing jobs perfect in look & high in quality!